What to Do When a Home Fire Strikes

A home fire can be devastating and may leave you wondering if life will ever be the same. The first 24 hours after a fire may be the most scattered, but also the most important, in re-establishing your normal routine. Consult the list below for tips to help you manage the immediate effects of a home fire and begin the damage restoration process.

Call 911 to report the fire:

Even if you suspect the blaze has gone out, report the fire and make sure that the fire department visits your home to assess the cause. Preventing another fire is essential to rebuilding your life, and the fire departments can rule out electrical and other issues. In addition, the fire department will have your utilities temporarily disconnected, including your water, power, and gas to prevent further damage. Remember to halt service from your garbage service, cable, satellite TV, and other utility providers so that you are not being charged for any time spent away from your home.

Remove Valuables:

If the fire department allows you to access the building, remove your personal property, including jewelry, money, electronics, and pictures.  Also, gather together your vital documents, including insurance files, banking, and family information such as birth certificates and social security cards. You want to have all the basics accounted for and accessible.

Discuss Security:

The fire department will likely require that your residence be secured to decrease the likelihood of unlawful entry. Discuss options, including a Board Up vendor, which your insurance provider may also suggest. Home protection keeps your space secure and prevents robbery and further damage to your home’s interior.

Take Stock:

Inventory the personal items that have been damaged or destroyed and report to your insurance company. Check your homeowner’s insurance for compensation policies and required documentation, and report in a timely manner to ensure the quickest outcome.

Hire a contractor:

You want a contractor that you can trust to help put back the pieces after a fire. The goal is to return you to your home as soon as possible and restore not only the structure, but your family’s schedule and overall life balance. The best contractors will assess the damage and work quickly and with care to get your life back on track. For restoration estimates and advice, give Restore Right a call. Our fire restoration technicians work day or night to restore your home to its former condition, and will pay special attention to the efficient clean up of burn and smoke damage.

A home fire need not permanently derail your hard-won quality of life. By following the above steps in the first 24 hours after a fire, you will ensure that the glue that holds your everyday life together is intact so you can focus on rebuilding.