What’s the Best Time of Year for Home Remodeling?

Whether you have been planning a home remodel for months (or even years) or have just suffered a fire or flood and now need to rebuild, understanding the pros and cons of remodeling at different times of year can help you plan and adjust your expectations.

However, organizing a successful and low-stress remodel is much more about planning around the lowest possible budget and hassle. Most people think that spring and summer are the best seasons to conduct remodels. Yes, the weather is warm, so working outside/ being outside when a team is working inside your home is more pleasant than if temperatures were dropping and snow covered the ground. However, taking your financial investment into account, as well as access to professionals, is more important than picking the best time to work outside.

Consider these factors for determining the best time of year for you to begin a home remodel:

1. If Need Be, Begin Immediately

If your home was recently impacted by fire or flood, NOW is the best time. Don’t wait for an imagined “perfect time.” Contact Restore Right to help you and your family get back in your residence as soon as possible.

2. Look Into the Cheapest Times for Buying Materials

As with anything business-related, supply and demand play a huge role in how much items cost. If you’re remodeling your kitchen or laundry room, look for appliances in October, right before the holiday season begins. Tools go on sale after Father’s Day, so use that time to grab up anything you need to DIY. The bottom line? Purchase what you need when demand is low to nab the best possible price.

3. Why You’re in Luck with Restore Right

While many contractors are in high demand for home improvements from August – November, causing them to charge higher rates during that time, Restore Right runs on a different business model. Because we respond to crises year-round, our team never experiences a slow season and thus always offers our clients the best deals on the services they need most. We promise to always give your project our fullest attention and devote ourselves completely to a job well done.

Beginning a home remodel takes planning and discernment. Hassle-free jobs can always be found at the intersection of budget and timing. If you recently underwent a property-related crisis and need to remodel immediately, don’t worry. Our highly-skilled team is experienced at facilitating and completing home remodels that meet clients’ needs for speed, accuracy, and excellence. We’ll get you back in your home asap and promise that you’ll love the work we do!